Iceland to be sanctioned for unsustainable mackerel fishing

ICELAND The EU is warning Iceland that it will impose trade sanctions if the country does not cut back on mackerel fishing. The warning comes at a crucial moment for Iceland, since it can slow down the EU accession negotiations if the problem remains unsolved.

By Carlos Encinas

Icelandic fishing boats at bay. Photo: Carlos Encinas.

Iceland, along with the Faroe Islands, might be sanctioned by the European Commission due to irresponsible fishing and foreign trade of mackerel. The issue was discussed Monday, on the first day of the EU Fishing Council. The EU has already warned both countries that they will get trade sanctions if they continue doing those practices.

Ireland’s minister of agriculture Simon Coveney made the announcement in an interview with the Irish State Television.

“The EU cannot accept the Faroe Islands’ and Iceland’s unjustifiable and unsustainable fishing of mackerel stocks”

Simon Coveney’s proposal was supported by the majority of ministers at the meeting. Regarding figures, Irish fleets catch around 70,000 tons of mackerel annually, while Iceland caught up to 150,000 tons last year.


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