Arson at Milan railway left political message and damages for one million euros

MILAN During the night from Sunday a fire started in an electrical box at the rails near the central station of Milan. Empty bottles containing the left overs of gasoline, with the words “No TAV”, was found near the scene. Leaving traces of involvement from the political movement protesting against the Turin Lyon high speed rail line.

By Evelina Bergström

On Monday the president of the Lombardi region, Roberto Formigoni said to Italian Corriere della serra:

“The situation is very serious because of the damages and also from a political point of view. We should not underestimate increased tensions from the No TAV movement and other anarchistic movements.”

Corriere della serra further reported a statement from the No Tav movement:

“These actions are not part of our methods of struggle. Any provocateur can use the words “No TAV”, but that does not involve the movement.”

Four fires started

It was two railway policemen patrolling the Bucari bridge that discovered the fire.

Four separate fires was lit and empty tanks daubed with the words “No TAV” and “Sun and Baleno was found in the area.

“Sun and Baleno” stands for Maria Soledad Rosas and Edoardo Massari, two young anarchists who commited suicide in prison ten years ago. They were accused and emprisoned for violent acts against the line Lyon-Turin high-speed rail, but later proved innocent.

Raffaele Cattaneo, the Regional Councillor for Infrastructure and Mobility, said to Milan newspaper Il Giorno that infrastructural damages are estimated to one million euros.

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