“No TAV” raising voices against Italian high-speed rail line

MILAN Political tunes streamed from the streets of Milan last week when Coro de Micene protested against the Turin Lyon high-speed rail line. Short performances popping up from nowhere, called flash-mobs, are the latest actions of the No-TAV movement in Milan.

By Evelina Bergström

The No TAV-movement (Treno Alta Velocità, High speed train) is against the constructing of a 57 kilometre long tunnel between the Valley of Susa (Val di Susa) and France.

As part of the Trans-European-high-speed rail network and Corridor 6, the tunnel will be the longest in the world. Turin and Lyon will later connect with Trieste, Ljubljana and Budapest.

Demonstrations date back to 1995 and often end up in clashes with the police. The organisation has broad support in Italy, Greece and internationally.

Blogger and politician Beppe Grillo recently stated his support for No TAV, claiming that the tax-money financing of € 22 billion, will not benefit the people but end up in corruption. Lacking information and transparency from the Italian government lies behind his critic.

The voice of the people

The Milan choir Coro de Micene will repeat the singing flash-mobs in Val di Susa in April, during protests planned at the 14th and 15th of April. The purpose however is not to perform as artists, said choir member Andrea Carminati to Italian newspaper il Fatto Quotidiano:

“We are the voice of the people, singing about our experience of struggle.”

During latest No-TAV protests in Valley of Susa, 75.000 people participated in an 8 kilometre long march. At the end of the demonstration police interfered with the crowd and activist and farmer Luca Abba was severely injured.

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