Iceland more equal than before

ICELAND The gap between those with the highest income and those who earn less has been been reduced on Iceland.

By Sajeev Shankar

The distribution of the disposable income was more equal in 2011 than it had been in any of the years since 2004, where this kind of survey got started.

In 2011 the highest income quintile on Iceland was 3.3 times the income of the lowest quintile, in 2009 it was 4.2

This also shows in the low numbers of people being at risk of poverty. In 2011, 13.6% of the Icelandic population was at risk of entering poverty or social exclusion. This is the same level as in 2010, where Iceland was the European country where fewest were at risk of poverty or social exlusion. The index is based on three factors: income, work intensity of the household and the access of the household to material goods.

Read the whole Icelandic report here

The gap between those with a high disposable income and those with a low has been reduced. Source: statistics Iceland




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