Stop to full Italian debt payments

MILAN A new movement gathers for the first time in Milan to set a new agenda against austerity measures and getting the creditors to cut the Italian debt.

By Jesper Ernlund Lassen

The current Italian debt is enormous: each Italian citizen, every person from cradle to nursery home, owes €30.000. This is the reason why a new movement held its first meeting in the one University of Milan’s auditoriums last week.

The movement is not only centered in Milan, it’s a pan Italian movement. They call themselves “Rivolta il debito,” which translates to “flipping the debt around”. The initiators were a group of students but the participants this evening were mostly older empty nesters. The idea is to make an analysis of the Italian debt and look for ways not to pay the full debt back.

“We want to involve all kinds of people from every layer in Italian society in this,” said Marie Molise one initiators. “Rivolta il debito” even has historic proof that a country successfully has rejected to pay back its debts. Ecuador in 2008 denied to pay back some of its foreign debt calling its debt for illegal and illegitimate.

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