Two workers set themselves on fire

VERONA There has been two shocking days for Italy this week. Two workers set themselves on fire in an attempt to commmit suicide in Verona and Bologna. Newspapers in Italy writes that they been crushed by the crisis.

By Thomas Pickelner

Here in Verona a man put himseld on fire because he did not get his salary in months. Photo: Thomas Pickelner

The first protest took action in Bologna this Wednesday. A 58-year old Italian builder accused of tax evasion wrote suicide notes to the tax agency, his friends and his wife before he put himself alight in his car. His letter to the tax agency was published in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. He wrote to the agency that he’s always paid his taxes and he asked for forgiveness and told them to leave his wife alone. But a passing traffic warden saved him and he is still in a critical condition suffering for severe burns.

The day after a 27-year old Morrocan builder set himself on fire outside the town hall in Verona. According to several newspapers in Italy he was shouting that he hadn’t been paid for four months before he poured petrol over himself and alighted.The police put the flames out and he is also taken care of at the hospital.

” The situation today makes people desperate. The austerity cuts and the lack of jobs will probably make us face more protest actions like this”, says Carlo Dell’Aringa, Professor of Economics at “Cattolica” University of Milan.

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