No rooms left when FC Barcelona came to Milan

MILAN When AC Milan got the result from the lottery whom to play against in the quarters round of Champions League FC Barcelona was the worst option. But the companies and city of Milan cheered loudly when that became the case.

Many people went to bars in Milan to see the game. Photo: Thomas Pickelner

By Thomas Pickelner

This Wednesday 79.169 people went to the stadium San Siro in Milan to watch the football battle between the giants AC Milan and FC Barcelona. At the same time many people went to Milan to follow the game in a bar to get the right feeling.

Almost all the hotels and hostels in Milan were fully booked in the middle of the week even though the big tourist season hasn’t started yet. They also took the opportunity to raise their prices a lot, in some cases ten times as much as normal. The game ended 0-0, so the fans couldn’t cheer for any succes, but the hotel owners and companies could.

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