A scandal makes circles

Jérôme Cahuzac, ex budget minister in France

Jérôme Cahuzac, ex budget minister in France


by Helen Arnd

Paris, France: Already in December 2012 the French disclosing website Mediapart puplished a scandal: the French budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac was said to have evaded taxes. Mediapart is especially referring to a tape recording on which a voice, attributed to Cahuzac, admits to have a bank account in Switzerland.

After the prosecution in Paris initiated investigations, Cahuzac himself denied any guilt and declared his pleasant anticipation about the investigations. He also swered his innocence in front of the parliament. In the middle of March, Cahuzac resigned from his position as budget minister, in order to guarantee a smoothly procedure of the investigations, but he still assured his innocence. Apart from only having a bank account, Caduzac was said to have presented a faked tax certificate, which claimed that the French treasury knew about the existence of it.

Two weeks ago the obvious, but still shocking news: Cahuzac admitted to have a secret account in Switzerland for 20 years. The huge amount of money is about 600.000 Euros. He apologized to president Hollande, the government and the French public and explained himself as caught in a spiral of lies.

Apart from the lacking political morality, the scandal makes circles and seems to be nowhere near the end: Hollande levels criticism against his recent key player, but the opposition doubts that Hollande just got to know about the bank account like anybody else two weeks ago.