First competition of digital music composition in Lithuania

Vilnius, Lithuania. On Sunday the 7th of April, electronic music lovers enjoyed the Eikkk Competition of Electronic and Computer Music at the Chamber Hall of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LAMT).  Organized by the Music Innovation Studies Centre in the context of the “Jauna Muzika”   or “Young Music” festival, the event was broadcast live on the Internet and had an attendance of approximately 50 people who waited silently for the music.

By Alejandro Izquierdo 

Students, graduates and professors of higher educational institutions participated in the competition where, according to its brochure, the authors were called -to reflect on today’s controversies and texts of cultural history using virtual instruments-. A total of 14 works were exposed to the vote of the public who could vote via SMS.

-It was a great opportunity to perform at this festival- said Julius Anglinskas, the music composition student who won the 1000 Litas (€285) price with his piece Fragmentai (See video below). According to him, this work tries to describe the lack of communication that people are facing nowadays.

-I had a vision of two people standing on a bridge. One person is looking to one side and the other is looking to the other side. They are standing in the same place, in the same moment but they are looking to opposite sides-.

Julius Agliuskas is a music composition student in his last year. Picture by Alejandro Izquierdo

Julius Agliuskas is a music composition student in his last year. Picture by Alejandro Izquierdo

When asked about the title of the piece, Julius says that -the entire world is now turning to some kind of fragmentation. We don’t have one straight road like 100 years ago where all the people believed in God. Everyone now believes in whatever they want-. Yet, he doesn’t see this fact as a negative or positive thing. -We can’t stop it; it will happen somehow. We can believe in this kind of situation or ignore it. I try to reflect on things from my life, everyone’s life, what I see in newspapers and so on-.

The Eikkk competition was the final event of the “Jauna Muzika” 2013, a festival which lasted from the 2nd to the 7th of April and brought famous electronic music groups from all around the world such Boards of Canada from Scotland or Aphex Twin from England(See programme).

-We have been doing this festival for 21 years now- said the organizer Antanas Jasenka who also is an electronic music composer. -The first years we had acoustic contemporary music but after 2004 we started with quality electronic music-.  This year’s edition had “text” as a main topic and the possibility to articulate that by electronic music.  -Everything has a message. Not only text. Nature, people, sounds and music have a message. Someone can take a violin and express love; this is something that can also be done with electronic music- Explains Mr. Jasenka.