On the trail of Amélie

By Stefanie Zillner

Paris, France: Since I watched the movie “Amélie” the first time I always dreamt about strolling through romantic Paris and visiting all the magical places the main character Amélie enchants with her mission to help other people. One place I therefore couldn’t miss during my trip to Paris was the café where Amélie works as a waitress in the movie.


The café “Les deux moulins”


The “Les deux moulins” lies in the quarter Montmartre. Entering the café my first impression was disappointment though. Although I clearly recognized the scenery, it didn’t seem like a magical place at all, but like a normal café/bar. Young people sitting on small tables, drinking coffee and chatting in rapid French, waiters balancing trays and the maitre coordinating from behind the counter.


Having a good time with Amélie watching over me

After a friendly, handsome waiter offered me a place and one sip of hot chocolate later I began to feel really comfortable. The staff was nice, the atmosphere friendly and Amélie smiled at me from a big poster at the wall. I listened to a dispute between the couple next to me and wrote some post  cards.

After a pleasant talk with my waiter who informed me about a Jazz concert at night I realized that the “Les deux moulins” might not be as magical as it appears in “Amélie”. It has its own special atmosphere though that makes it worth visiting it.

And when I entered the bathroom before leaving, I couldn’t help but remember what has already happened there and I left with a big smile on my face.