Gay marriage almost adopted in France

The French Senate passed on Friday by a show of hands, the bill for homosexual marriage and adoption for gay couples, the most important social reform in France since the abolition of the death penalty in 1981.

By Alexandre Tabankia

All the leftist groups have approved the text. The socialist party has a short majority of six votes in the Senate – that was completed with the votes of several UMP and IDU (right wing) for the text. The Senate amended this text which holds a commitment that François Hollande fought for during his campaign for the presidential election.

It is not excluded that, during the second reading scheduled for late May at the Assembly, the majority makes a “conform” which means the text, as adopted by the Senate, will be voted without changings. The text would then finally be adopted by Parliament.

According to french newspaper “Le Figaro”, these last few weeks have seen the beginning of a radicalization around the gay debate, with increasing homophobic attacks. SOS Homophobia rose earlier this week against the increase of violence targeting supporters of gay marriage all across France. But this was also the case against anti-marriage activists.Three days ago, a right wing (UMP) activist known for his commitment against gay marriage was assaulted at dawn in the center of Paris. Social networks were immediately ignited, even if, according to police, this violent attack has no connection with his militant activities.

Gay marriage opponents said, by the voice of Frigide Barjot, the leader of the anti-gay marriage group, they want to settle over time considering the text has to return to the National Assembly in May. Their last event on March 24, had collected 1.4 million people, according to organizers, and 300,000 according to the police.