Everyone has the right to die, but it’s not an obligation

At the exit of 'Republic of Uzupis'. Photograph by: Alexandria Molony

At the exit of ‘Republic of Uzupis’. Photograph by: Alexandria Molony

A dog has the right be a dog. Everyone has the right to sometimes be unaware of their duties. It might seem a little strange but these are the the rights fundamentally written in the constitution of the Republic of Uzupis, located on the outskirts of the old town of Vilnius. 

By Alexandria Molony

The famous 'angel square' forms the centrepiece of Uzupis. Photograph by: Alexandria Molony

The famous ‘angel square’ forms the centrepiece of Uzupis. Photograph by: Alexandria Molony

Uzupis is undoubtedly a unique tourist destination on the map of Lithuania being one of the oldest neighbourhoods dating back to the early 16th century.The neighbourhood was originally a popular hangout for artists and bohemians in the early nineties and was declared independent from the Republic of Lithuania in 1997.  Up until the declaration of independence in 1990, it was considered to be one of the most neglected areas in Vilnius, but today it boasts numerous art galleries and popular cafes hidden down delightful little alleyways.

It has also become an attraction for it’s April 1 ‘Independence day’ celebrations that’s characterised by friendly people, music, magical scents and an enigmatic feeling that is difficult to put into words.

‘Kaimiško Alaus Baras Šnekutis’ Cheese platter and IPA, compliments of Kaimiško Alaus Baras Šnekutis. Photograph by: Annastashia Goolsby

In 1995 a rustic beer sanctuary made it’s debut in the very heart of Uzupis. The small bar located right next to the famous angel statue, offers a warm and cosy experience with a choice of up to twenty domestic beers on tap, and an assortment of cheeses that perfectly compliment your drink of choice.

When you walk in you will notice the atmosphere is quite warm and friendly and you’ll find yourself being caught up in conversation with some of the locals. If you make your way to the mysterious realm of Uzupis, this bar is definitely worth taking a look at.