British boxer dies after collapse in the ring

A 31 year old London-based boxer died earlier this month, after a match at the historical boxing venue "The Ring" in Blackfriars. Photo: Flickr - Creative Commons

A 31 year old London-based boxer died earlier this month, after a match at the historical boxing venue “The Ring” in Blackfriars. Photo: Flickr – Creative Commons

Michael Norgrove only made it to 31 years of age, before he last Saturday passed away from bleedings in the brain. The undefeated boxer collapsed after a match at “The Ring” in Blackfriars, South London.

By: Simon Hoffmann Petersen

London, England: For 18 years, England have been spared for deaths connected to the noble sport of boxing, but Saturday the 6th of April, the 31 year old light-middleweight boxer of Zambian origin, Michael Norgrove died from severe bleedings in the brain, after having been in the hospital since his bout in London nine days prior.

At the historical building “The Ring” at Blackfriars Road in South London, Michael Norgrove got to box his last match, at the first boxing event at the venue for 73 years. During the fifth round of a six-round fight, referee Jeff Hinds noticed Norgrove acting strangely and stopped the match. Norgrove collapsed shortly after, and was taken to the hospital, where he underwent emergency brain surgery for a cerebral haemorrhage. But little did it help, and after nine days of the Zambian fighting for his life, he passed away Saturday afternoon at the Royal London Hospital.

Two year break
Michael Norgrove had a short career, as he came into the sport very late, and he was determined to make the most of the opportunity. He trained at the Repton Club in Eastern London, and was expected to win the match against Tom Bowen at “The Ring”. It was his first match following a two year break.

The Repton Club wrote on a statement at their website, telling how they were “saddened to hear that Ex Repton Boxer Michael Norgrove has died nine days after collapsing in the ring at The Blackfriars Venue London, doing what he loved.”

The match in “The Ring” was only his sixth match, and he had won the five prior. As the fatal match against UK-boxer Tom Bowen was declared a no-contest, Michael Norgrove can now be remembered as one of few boxers ever to achieve the status of unbeaten.