Southampton City Council leader backs “Drunk Tanks”

Following a string of assaults and vandalism in Southampton, council leader Royston Smith has taken a step towards dealing with drunken hooliganism in the Polygon area. 

Written by Adam Sinclair Charles


Mess in resident’s front garden after a boozy night

Overturned dustbins, damaged fences and streets lined with vomit are now the norm in Southampton’s residential areas. As more students flock to the city in search of parties and booze, local authorities are devising new schemes to tackle the growing issue.

–       The government is right to deal with this problem head on, and if the US-inspired drunk tank is one initiative that works then bring it on, said Royston Smith.

–       Southampton Safe City Partnership has been working for some time to reduce the problems that can occur when people drink too much – for example the work done to reduce the problems in the night-time economy with street pastors, the buses and robust policing, he added.

If the proposed plans come into force, The Hampshire Constabulary Police Force will operate the drunk-tanks. Students who are deemed to be over the legal limit (80 mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood) will be detained in the mobile-cells until sober.

The vice chairman of the Police Authority, Adrian Collett, has been highly critical of the ideas however, and branded them “a gimmick”.

–       This is all a gimmick and froth to hide the fact that we have not been given the resources that we should have received.

The drunk-tanks are due to be enforced in summer 2013.

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