KAIKU CLUB: A closed Nokia factory opened once again

By Barbora Pilná

Helsinki, Finland: If you walked around Kallio on Thursday April 4th, you could see a lot of people entering an industrial area, which used to be closed to for the public (open for VIP guests only). An opening party of a bright new hype club called Kaiku has just begun.


The sign above an entrance of Kaiku.

Kallio used to be in the outskirts of Helsinki focused on manufacture of objects. Now it’s a trendy part of the town, which local people like to call “our small Finnish Berlin”. A block of factories consisting of a former match factory, a bakery, a factory that made metal bed frames called “heteka” (which were ubiquitous in Finland from 1930s), and a former Nokia factory – set the scene which was firstly chosen by Nokia for VIP parties and last Thursday finally shown to public.

–         Second-story underground sounds for music lovers, that’s how the owners define Kaiku – and the electronic music, lights and white swings on the dance floor prove their words.

Check their Facebook page or just get directions and go there.