LITHUANIA: full name Republic of Lithuania


Lithuania is located in North-East Europe, the most Southern and largest country of the Baltics.

Lithuania, located in North-East Europe, is the Southern most and largest country of the Baltics.

  • Population: 3.1 million
  • Capital: Vilnius
  • Size: 65,300 square kilometers (25,212 square miles)
  • Government type: Parliamentary Democracy
  • Official language: Lithuanian
  • Ethnic groups: 82.3% Lithuanian, 8.2% Russian, 6.9% Polish, 1.5% Belarussian, 1% Ukrainian, 0.1% Jewish and 0.7% other
  • Major religion: Roman Catholic
  • Main exports: mineral products, machinery and equipment, chemicals, textiles, foodstuffs and plastics


  • Lithuania was the first country to break away from the central planning system of the Soviet Union to become a capitalist economy in 1990 and after having implemented liberal reforms, the country became the fastest growing economy in the world during the last decade.
  • Lithuania has the biggest economy among the three Baltic states and during the past 5 years, Lithuania sometimes had a GDP per capita higher than all of its neighbors (Latvia, Poland, Russia and Belarus).
  • GDP per capita: €151,00
  • Public debt: 36.8% of GDP
  • Unemployment rate: 15.4%

Education System:

  • Lithuania is among one of the countries with the highest student number per 1,000 residents.

    Lithuania is among one of the countries with the highest student number per 1,000 residents.

    Tuition fees differ at higher education institutions depending on level of studies and study program.

  • On average, the cost of studies at higher education institutions is approximately €1,000–5,300 per year for Bachelor studies,  €2,200-6,500 for Master studies and €7,100-8,500 for postgraduate studies.
  • Since joining the EU in 2004, at least 95 percent of children were to receive quality basic education and stay within the system and receive secondary education or a vocational qualification in demand on the labor market.




Fun Facts:

  • Basketball is the most important sport in Lithuania, which they call their second religion
  • Lithuania is the only country in the world that has a national perfume, Lietuvos Kvapas, which translates to “the scent of Lithuania”
  • It is a superstition that if you whistle indoors, you are calling the devil