Immersion inside the oldest university of Eastern Europe

Founded in 1579 the University of Vilnius is one of the oldest establishments of higher education in Eastern and Central Europe. The Jesuits was in charge of the university during its two More »

Integration of Roma is ‘Mission Impossible’

Due to pressure from the EU, Lithuania launched an action plan for a 2012-2014 integration of their segregated Roma minority into society. The action plan especially focuses on the Vilnius suburb of More »

‘Brain drain’ creating major headaches

In the past 5 years, Lithuania has reportedly lost 700, 000 people who have sought educational and working opportunities in surrounding EU countries. The adverse effects of the countries proclaimed ‘brain drain’ More »

The Lithuanian cadets, double skilled professionals

The economic crisis that is hitting Europe leads many young Lithuanians to choose the army to get a degree for free and to ensure their future job stability. The Lithuanian Military Academy More »

Scotland an attractive place for foreign workers

Are you looking for a job in Britain? Then chances are that you will end up in Edinburgh or Glasgow rather than Birmingham or Newcastle. According to statistics from the department for More »


Belfast film festival celebrates 13 years

It started as a local city event. Today, more than 100 films are screened every year and visitors from all over the world are passing by Northern Ireland to attend the 13th

Scotland an attractive place for foreign workers

Are you looking for a job in Britain? Then chances are that you will end up in Edinburgh or Glasgow rather than Birmingham or Newcastle. According to statistics from the department for

Algirdas Paleckis will bring his case to Strasbourg

One of the most controversial politicians in Lithuania, if not the most, is the leader of Socialist’s People Front, Algirdas Paleckis. On January 23, 2013, the Lithuanian Supreme court upheld the decision

British boxer dies after collapse in the ring

Michael Norgrove only made it to 31 years of age, before he last Saturday passed away from bleedings in the brain. The undefeated boxer collapsed after a match at “The Ring” in

How I got to sit on the lap of a cab driver

Being accustomed to driving in the right side of the road can get you into all sorts of trouble, if you decide to leave home sweet home behind to spend time in the

Everyone has the right to die, but it’s not an obligation

A dog has the right be a dog. Everyone has the right to sometimes be unaware of their duties. It might seem a little strange but these are the the rights fundamentally

Aula: A Lithuanian restaurant to dine for

From the outside, this restaurant looked a bit too classy for my likings; Especially because I had just gotten off a 26-hour bus ride without brushing my hair and still wearing the

Gay marriage almost adopted in France

The French Senate passed on Friday by a show of hands, the bill for homosexual marriage and adoption for gay couples, the most important social reform in France since the abolition of

The Cahuzac Case leads to a Moralisation debate in France

By Alexandre Tabankia An investigative newspaper, hints of a Swiss bank account, a judicial inquiry and the resignation of Jerome Cahuzac, French Minister of Budget. The French media quickly seized what they

The dark side of Edinburgh

By: Natalija Sako and Elin Larsson Edinburgh, UK: As the sun sets and a chill moves in on the city of Edinburgh a small group of people start to gather on the

A classical delight in Lithuania

  Last night Vilnius Town Hall was filled with many teary eyes after experiencing the musical delight that made up one of the sixteen performances that are occurring over the next month

Finland – Champions of Championships

Wife carrying, mobile phone throwing and air guitar playing. Finland is the host of some of the more curious World Championships. By Morten Refsgaard Helsinki, Finland: Finland is probably the World Champion of

France’s first private Muslim school one of the country’s top-rated schools

By Stefanie Zillner Lille, France: The Averroes High School in Lille, France, has become famous ten years ago. It was France’s first private Muslim school to follow the national curriculum. Now, it’s

On the trail of Amélie

By Stefanie Zillner Paris, France: Since I watched the movie “Amélie” the first time I always dreamt about strolling through romantic Paris and visiting all the magical places the main character Amélie

European Capital of Culture – Marseille moving forward

By Vívian Soares – This year represents a turning point to Marseille. We are having more visitors than the previous years and the hotel is already full booked for an entire week

Love by the sea

The myth about the foundation of Marseille, the oldest city and largest port of France, is surrounded by love. According to a legend that remains alive among its inhabitants, the Mediterranean bay

EU-Turkey dialogue streghtened in Lithuania

By Agnete Vestergaard-Kristensen Vilnius, Lithuania: Last week a large president-led delegation from Turkey arrived in the Baltic capital in order to intensify the cooperation concerning EU agenda during Lithuanian Presidency of the

The northernmost metro station in the world

By Barbora Pilná Helsinki, Finland: When you decide to step out of the amazing city centre of Helsinki and take a metro train to the suburbs, you may end at Mellunmäki (Mellungsbacka),

Impressions of the Château de Fontainebleau

Château de Fontainebleau is a French castle, which was declared as a World Culture Heritage by UNESCO in 1981. Click here to find out information about the history, art and architecture of

First competition of digital music composition in Lithuania

Vilnius, Lithuania. On Sunday the 7th of April, electronic music lovers enjoyed the Eikkk Competition of Electronic and Computer Music at the Chamber Hall of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre