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Creativity outshines gloomy dictatorial past

Before the break of the Soviet rule, the classroom atmosphere in Lithuania was extremely strict; Questions were not encouraged, noise was not allowed and challenging the knowledge and authority of teachers was preposterous. Even

Finnish students left unprepared for adult life

Given top rankings in the PISA surveys, the Finnish schools are called the best of the best. Yet still, youth unemployment is on the rise, as young Finns are unready for the

Dual citizenship is no longer a ticket to free education

A dual citizenship has been a way for UK students to avoid the Scottish school fees. For students from Northern Ireland there are possibilities to claim an Irish passport to get around

15 years after the conflict (continued): Universities integrated but students still separated

Northern Ireland has a segregated education system, until you go to university. But even though the universities have no formal separation the students still socialize within their own community. By Elin Larsson

Scotland favours EU students over neighbouring UK students

EU students can benefit from Scottish education without paying a single penny in tuition fees. But for Scotland’s direct neighbours and fellow countrymen, the reality is another. Students from elsewhere within the

15 years after the conflict: Northern Ireland’s school system keeps the issues alive

In 1998 the Good Friday agreement was signed in Northern Ireland, a settlement to promote peace, unify the country and stop the violence. Today 15 years later 90% of the students go

Poor students still need help to get in to the best universities

Many poorer students in Britain are eligible for places at top universities, but are still being rejected for non-academic reasons. Leading educational institutes should go further to bridge the gap between the

The next businessmen

Education projects aim to improve entrepreneurship skills among young professionals in France Text and photos: Vívian Soares Marseille, France – Jean-David Lacombe is working on the creation of his first company. The

Belgian Eldorado? The reasons behind the French students exodus

For many French students, crossing the border to go study abroad has become a common practice. Each year, more than 15,000 students go to the northern neighbour Belgium to carry out studies

Immersion inside the oldest university of Eastern Europe

Founded in 1579 the University of Vilnius is one of the oldest establishments of higher education in Eastern and Central Europe. The Jesuits was in charge of the university during its two

Integration of Roma is ‘Mission Impossible’

Due to pressure from the EU, Lithuania launched an action plan for a 2012-2014 integration of their segregated Roma minority into society. The action plan especially focuses on the Vilnius suburb of

‘Brain drain’ creating major headaches

In the past 5 years, Lithuania has reportedly lost 700, 000 people who have sought educational and working opportunities in surrounding EU countries. The adverse effects of the countries proclaimed ‘brain drain’

France’s first private Muslim school one of the country’s top-rated schools

By Stefanie Zillner Lille, France: The Averroes High School in Lille, France, has become famous ten years ago. It was France’s first private Muslim school to follow the national curriculum. Now, it’s

First competition of digital music composition in Lithuania

Vilnius, Lithuania. On Sunday the 7th of April, electronic music lovers enjoyed the Eikkk Competition of Electronic and Computer Music at the Chamber Hall of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre