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Poor students still need help to get in to the best universities

Many poorer students in Britain are eligible for places at top universities, but are still being rejected for non-academic reasons. Leading educational institutes should go further to bridge the gap between the

Cambridge University “definitely the most elitist in Britain”

Student Kelvin James has blasted Cambridge University, deeming them to be one of the most elitist universities in Britain. The controversial statement comes in the wake of Kelvin’s application being rejected despite

British universities face an online avalanche

  A number of British universities could be facing closure, if they don’t adapt their methods of teaching to the 21st century, states a new report on the future of higher education.

British boxer dies after collapse in the ring

Michael Norgrove only made it to 31 years of age, before he last Saturday passed away from bleedings in the brain. The undefeated boxer collapsed after a match at “The Ring” in

How I got to sit on the lap of a cab driver

Being accustomed to driving in the right side of the road can get you into all sorts of trouble, if you decide to leave home sweet home behind to spend time in the

Southampton City Council leader backs “Drunk Tanks”

Following a string of assaults and vandalism in Southampton, council leader Royston Smith has taken a step towards dealing with drunken hooliganism in the Polygon area.  Written by Adam Sinclair Charles Overturned

British Welfare System Set to Undergo ‘Fair’ Change

The British welfare system will receive a major shake up in the coming weeks following years of misuse. After claiming a majority vote in the House of Commons in January, Justice and