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Dual citizenship is no longer a ticket to free education

A dual citizenship has been a way for UK students to avoid the Scottish school fees. For students from Northern Ireland there are possibilities to claim an Irish passport to get around

Scotland favours EU students over neighbouring UK students

EU students can benefit from Scottish education without paying a single penny in tuition fees. But for Scotland’s direct neighbours and fellow countrymen, the reality is another. Students from elsewhere within the

Integration of Roma is ‘Mission Impossible’

Due to pressure from the EU, Lithuania launched an action plan for a 2012-2014 integration of their segregated Roma minority into society. The action plan especially focuses on the Vilnius suburb of

EU-Turkey dialogue streghtened in Lithuania

By Agnete Vestergaard-Kristensen Vilnius, Lithuania: Last week a large president-led delegation from Turkey arrived in the Baltic capital in order to intensify the cooperation concerning EU agenda during Lithuanian Presidency of the