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The next businessmen

Education projects aim to improve entrepreneurship skills among young professionals in France Text and photos: Vívian Soares Marseille, France – Jean-David Lacombe is working on the creation of his first company. The

The Cahuzac Case leads to a Moralisation debate in France

By Alexandre Tabankia An investigative newspaper, hints of a Swiss bank account, a judicial inquiry and the resignation of Jerome Cahuzac, French Minister of Budget. The French media quickly seized what they

France’s first private Muslim school one of the country’s top-rated schools

By Stefanie Zillner Lille, France: The Averroes High School in Lille, France, has become famous ten years ago. It was France’s first private Muslim school to follow the national curriculum. Now, it’s

European Capital of Culture – Marseille moving forward

By Vívian Soares – This year represents a turning point to Marseille. We are having more visitors than the previous years and the hotel is already full booked for an entire week

Love by the sea

The myth about the foundation of Marseille, the oldest city and largest port of France, is surrounded by love. According to a legend that remains alive among its inhabitants, the Mediterranean bay

A scandal makes circles

  by Helen Arnd Paris, France: Already in December 2012 the French disclosing website Mediapart puplished a scandal: the French budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac was said to have evaded taxes. Mediapart is especially referring