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Finnish students left unprepared for adult life

Given top rankings in the PISA surveys, the Finnish schools are called the best of the best. Yet still, youth unemployment is on the rise, as young Finns are unready for the

Finland in danger: Never stop trusting your teachers

Two countries, two primary school teachers, both of them young and with similar experience, both of them Masters of Pedagogic. However, there is a huge difference between them as they are seen

The northernmost metro station in the world

By Barbora Pilná Helsinki, Finland: When you decide to step out of the amazing city centre of Helsinki and take a metro train to the suburbs, you may end at Mellunmäki (Mellungsbacka),

Discontent teachers protesting in Helsinki

The image of the Finnish schools suffers a crack, as teachers take to the street in support of fired colleague. By Morten Refsgaard Helsinki, Finland: When Antti Korhonen, a middle school teacher

KAIKU CLUB: A closed Nokia factory opened once again

By Barbora Pilná Helsinki, Finland: If you walked around Kallio on Thursday April 4th, you could see a lot of people entering an industrial area, which used to be closed to for