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Dual citizenship is no longer a ticket to free education

A dual citizenship has been a way for UK students to avoid the Scottish school fees. For students from Northern Ireland there are possibilities to claim an Irish passport to get around

Scotland favours EU students over neighbouring UK students

EU students can benefit from Scottish education without paying a single penny in tuition fees. But for Scotland’s direct neighbours and fellow countrymen, the reality is another. Students from elsewhere within the

Scotland an attractive place for foreign workers

Are you looking for a job in Britain? Then chances are that you will end up in Edinburgh or Glasgow rather than Birmingham or Newcastle. According to statistics from the department for

The dark side of Edinburgh

By: Natalija Sako and Elin Larsson Edinburgh, UK: As the sun sets and a chill moves in on the city of Edinburgh a small group of people start to gather on the

The Hub; a church where festivals are more common than prayers

By Elin Larsson and Natalija Sako Edinburgh, UK: At the heart of Edinburgh, right in the middle of the old city, lies the Hub. What from the outside looks like any other