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Creativity outshines gloomy dictatorial past

Before the break of the Soviet rule, the classroom atmosphere in Lithuania was extremely strict; Questions were not encouraged, noise was not allowed and challenging the knowledge and authority of teachers was preposterous. Even

Dual citizenship is no longer a ticket to free education

A dual citizenship has been a way for UK students to avoid the Scottish school fees. For students from Northern Ireland there are possibilities to claim an Irish passport to get around

Belgian Eldorado? The reasons behind the French students exodus

For many French students, crossing the border to go study abroad has become a common practice. Each year, more than 15,000 students go to the northern neighbour Belgium to carry out studies

Southampton City Council leader backs “Drunk Tanks”

Following a string of assaults and vandalism in Southampton, council leader Royston Smith has taken a step towards dealing with drunken hooliganism in the Polygon area.  Written by Adam Sinclair Charles Overturned