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Creativity outshines gloomy dictatorial past

Before the break of the Soviet rule, the classroom atmosphere in Lithuania was extremely strict; Questions were not encouraged, noise was not allowed and challenging the knowledge and authority of teachers was preposterous. Even

Immersion inside the oldest university of Eastern Europe

Founded in 1579 the University of Vilnius is one of the oldest establishments of higher education in Eastern and Central Europe. The Jesuits was in charge of the university during its two

Integration of Roma is ‘Mission Impossible’

Due to pressure from the EU, Lithuania launched an action plan for a 2012-2014 integration of their segregated Roma minority into society. The action plan especially focuses on the Vilnius suburb of

The Lithuanian cadets, double skilled professionals

The economic crisis that is hitting Europe leads many young Lithuanians to choose the army to get a degree for free and to ensure their future job stability. The Lithuanian Military Academy

A classical delight in Lithuania

  Last night Vilnius Town Hall was filled with many teary eyes after experiencing the musical delight that made up one of the sixteen performances that are occurring over the next month

Homeless taking advantage in place of worship

Kneeling in front of the steps of the main Roman Catholic Cathedral of Lithuania, is a young homeless woman who seems to be minding her own business muttering a prayer to herself