Euroviews is an online magazine published by Europe in the World, a journalism programme with students from five continents, based at the Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX) in Aarhus, Denmark.

What you see here is the 2016 edition. For a couple of weeks in March-April 2016, we travelled to five countries in Europe: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Italy, Macedonia, the United Kingdom and Ukraine. From these different corners of Europe we explored the topic of identity – looking at changes in, conflicts between and creation of identities on different levels of society.

The 2016-2016 class reported from the road, finishing off with more extensive feature articles after returning to Denmark.

We also left traces on twitter and instagram with snapshots from our travels as well as links to our most recent stories.

Earlier work of the Europe in the World 2015-16 class was published on: Euroscope and Euroscope: World edition

For further info (about the EITW programme and earlier Euroviews magazine), visit the info website for the Europe in the World programme

Responsible editor according to Danish media law:
Asbjørn Slot Jørgensen, asbo@dmjx.dk
Danish School of Media and Journalism
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