“We will not remain silent,” 10,000 protesters cried during the largest Russian anti-government demonstrations since 2012, on March 26th. Over 700 demonstrators were arrested, including opposition leader Alexi Nevalny, frustrated with the current governments corruption as civilians struggle to live. “The media tell us that Russia is doing well, but people are starting to wake up to the truth: more and more Russian’s can’t even feed their own children.” 

Putin has since compared the Moscow protests to those of the Arab spring and the Euromaidan revolution in Ukraine, signalling its political significance.

For the full story, read Protesters in Moscow call for Second Russian Revolutionby Helena Cazaerck and Alexander Hendricks.


A couple of arrested protestors seemingly happy to be detained for the cause. Credit Tessa Fox


Thousands of protesters were detained to the footpaths by state police, constantly marching as it is illegal to gather in large groups. Credit: Tessa Fox


In Russia it is legal to fly the Russian flag for patriotism, yet during the protest many were detained for these actions. Credit: Tessa Fox


Many protesters carried sneakers as a silent form of protest, referring to a recent scandal around Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev. Credit: Tessa Fox


Police helicopter circles overhead of the protests, while police surround demonstrators on the ground. Credit: Miriam Deprez


This duck is held proudly out in the open, unlike the single duck who allegedly has its own house in one of Medvedev’s estates. Credit: Tessa Fox


Over 10,000 protesters marched in a synchronised walk along Tverskaya Street to avoid the ban on unsanctioned stationary gatherings. Credit: Miriam Deprez


Riot police struggle to contain K9 dogs as tensions grow. Credit: Miriam Deprez


Supporters of all ages gathered in support of Alexei Navalny in some of the largest anti-government demonstrations since 2011 and 2012. Credit Miriam Deprez


A Russian woman stands defiantly in front of riot police with sign saying, “government stop lying, stealing the billions. You’ve strangled the people by the huge taxes.” Credit: Miriam Deprez



A new busload of riot police ready themselves to enter and maintain control within the protest. Credit: Tessa Fox


Police close several streets in an attempt to control the protest. Credit: Miriam Deprez



An elderly man pleads with military personal to show support. Credit: Tessa Fox


Police barricade the streets, containing protesters to the footpaths as they march against the government. Credit: Miriam Deprez


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