Euroviews investigates: Are there still any migrants on Mount Gourougou?

From the highest point of Mount Gourougou, it is easy to spot the destination many migrants in recent years have tried to reach: the Spanish enclave of Melilla. Reporter Javi West (photo) went to the mountain in hope to meet one of the migrants. Photo: Jesper Gynther

Euroviews went to Mount Gourougou to see if there are still any camps with migrants waiting for a chance to jump the fence at the Spanish enclave of Melilla

By Javi West (reporter) and Jesper Gynther (photographer)

It takes 20 minutes in a taxi from the Moroccan city of Nador to arrive at Azzaifun, a hotel at the foot of Mount Gourougou. It is not likely to meet any migrants from south of Sahara there, so instead Euroviews’ reporter Javi West and photographer Jesper Gynther decide to start moving further up the mountain towards its peak 900 meters above sea level.

Euroviews are on a mission trying to see if Mount Gourougou is still an active spot for migrants trying to cross to Melilla, as there have been very few attempts of jumping the border since January 9th this year, where 209 migrants succeeded in crossing the fence.

In the meantime, the attempts of crossing the sea to mainland Spain by boat have increased three-fold in the last year according to the latest reports of the Spanish Commission of Help to the Refugees (CEAR).

The micro-documentary “A Search for Migrants” reveals Euroviews’ findings on Mount Gourougou



When the migrants reach Melilla they have to jump the border fence which is 12 km long and six meters high, topped with barbed wire. Here it is reporter Javi West standing on the Spanish side of the fence. Photo: Jesper Gynther