Welcome to EUROVIEWS 2018

We are glad to welcome you to the EUROVIEWS 2018 web magazine.

Starting from March 28, we will post stories from the edges of Europe – from four different countries.

Euroviews brings you stories from the edges of Europe. We take our audience where political and socio-economic tensions shaped physical and sometimes invisible barriers within societies and between countries. We take you where national identity is shifting borders and polarized cultures are breaking boundaries in Kosovo, Ukraine, Hungary and Spain. Most of all, we aim to deliver quality, diverse and honest accounts of people, places and politics, keeping our audience at the heart of everything we do.

The Euroviews theme ‘On The Edge’ was the culmination of a lengthy consultation process starting from the original idea of borders in Europe. Physical, social and cultural, and expanded beyond the meaning of boundaries and everything that unites or divides us. It is our command to deliver more dynamic, exclusive stories while taking our readers with us- On The Edge.

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