Author: Nicole Proano

Not Fine with the Fringes

25th April 2018

When a Call for LGBTQ Equality within Hungary Exposes Societal and Systemic Inequity   This is a story of how Andrea Giuliano, a member of the LGBT community, spoke out against discrimination. His actions provoked violent reactions, leading him to turn to the police for help. But the authorities’ response was not what Andrea had […]

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Corrupting, Not Campaigning

7th April 2018

Hungary’s Failure to Address Campaign Corruption Undermines the Country’s Democracy In the week leading up to the national elections, Budapest is buzzing with spring fever along with the anticipation of the electoral results due April 8th. It is impossible to walk more than a block in the country’s capital without spotting a campaign billboard, poster […]

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An Underdog’s Victory

6th April 2018

What Hódmezővásárhely Election Outcomes Means for Hungary Three hours south-east of Hungary’s capital, the small town of Hódmeszóvásárhely, more simply referred to as Vásárhely, flies under the radar most of the time. More recently, however, this town has been widely talked about and recognized for its latest political drama, when an independent candidate beat the […]

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Hungary’s Civil Society Targeted

2nd April 2018

The Evolutionary Threat Orbán’s Anti-NGO Law Poses on Hungary In a letter addressed to the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) in April of last year, journalist Dániel Kacsoh requested a copy of very detailed information regarding this non-government organization (NGO)’s financial activities. Kacsoh, who at the time worked for a state media newspaper, Magyar Hírlap, […]

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