Author: Sara Maryniak

Crossing Borders for Babies

25th April 2018

Ukraine is the number one surrogacy spot in the world for Americans, Europeans, and Canadians. Ukrainian surrogacy clinics continue to grow rapidly due to their easy access, cheap prices, and the benefits of Ukrainian legislation in comparison to other countries.    Bianca Smith has had a long and tiring journey trying to get pregnant. In […]

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Ukrainian government fails youth

11th April 2018

Students supporting the Euromaidan, with demands of European values in Ukraine, specifically educational. Photo: Commons With the current government reigning in Ukraine, students are feeling hopeless and uninspired. The political climate is harsh and one of the more specific examples of this is the way in which education is impacted “When we are talking about […]

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Running away from human trafficking

4th April 2018

Part of a 2014 art installation in nine locations in Ukraine titled, ‘Invisible in Plain Sight’ which seeks to raise awareness about trafficking and tell the stories of victims who often remain unseen. Photo: International Organisation for Migration Since 1991, over 160,000 people in Ukraine fell victim to human trafficking. La Strada Ukraine is on […]

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