Author: Amina McCauley

You can dance your flamenco but you have to wear our dress: Romani people in Spain

25th April 2018

Photo: Flickr Whilst Spain is thought of as a role-model for Roma inclusion, the practices embedded in the culture tell a different story. Romero para ti, she says as she thrusts a twig towards me. “Rosemary for you.” The edge that is personal space has been tipped within an instant, and she is demanding my […]

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In Islam, wearing a hijab is a choice. But in Spain, this choice comes at a price

15th April 2018

Photo: dcangelito Flickr Wearing a hijab is not a matter of religion, but of culture, despite what Western media might have us believe. Kamel Mekhelef, President of the Muslim Association of Córdoba, says that some females in Spain choose to cover their hair, and some choose not to. However, those who do wear headscarves seem […]

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Unemployment in Spain spreading pessimism throughout its youth

12th April 2018

Spain’s youth unemployment rate currently sits around 37%, meaning that more than one third of people under 25 are without a job. “We are suffering but people don’t see it” says Susana Deschamps before taking a deep breath. She punches her palm as she talks, and looks up at the ceiling shaking her head as […]

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