Author: April McLennan

Bread on the Border

25th April 2018

A pastor by the name of Vasiliy Kovalyev, decided that he wanted to help make a difference to the people living close to the front line, so he has dedicated his life, not only to god, but to a little bakery. He sells the produce for a fraction of the price, but also drives to […]

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Bearing the Brunt of Civilisation

11th April 2018

This is Mashutka, a brown bear from the Four Paws Domazhyr Sanctuary. Photo: April McLennan.   The brown bears of Ukraine have been the victims of abuse for numerous years. But with the country turning their back on Russia and moving towards the European Union, their future is beginning to look more bright.  Mashutka paces back and forth in her spacious enclosure, […]

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