Author: Cathal Charker

Chernobyl and Dark Tourism– Why thousands flock to a site of death and suffering

25th April 2018

A gasmask attached to a sting in an abandoned school so tourists can stand behind it for a photo opportunity. Photo: Cathal Charker The Chernobyl exclusion zone is known worldwide as a place of desolation and hardship, yet this still dangerously radiated area is a tourist hotspot, why? Cold air. Damp and deteriorating. Quiet and […]

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The value of independence: How Ukraine struggles to remain Ukrainian

16th April 2018

A selection of hryvnia notes which each depict an important historical Ukrainian such as Bohdan Khmelnytsky the first Hetman of Ukraine on the 5 hryvnia note. Photo: Cathal Charker Following two decades of economic decline and four long years of war, how do Ukrainians feel about independence? 26 years. 26 long troublesome years of independence […]

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East vs West: how Ukraine is being pulled apart and used by its neighbours

8th April 2018

The world’s third busiest McDonald’s located in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Photo: Cathal Charker Ukraine is a country being split apart by not just internal strife but external powers as well. What does it mean to live on the edge of two very different superpowers? Due to its location in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is […]

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