Author: Jeppe Trans

Lack of Press Freedom Crucial to Orbán’s Victory

25th April 2018

The lack of press freedom in Hungary is one of the key explanations for prime minister Viktor Orbán’s recent success in the Hungarian elections. Several sides criticize the Hungarian press for being non-critical of Orbán and his cabinet. Photo: Prime Minister Viktor Orbán electoral victory might not have happened if it hadn’t of been […]

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Despite record voter turnout: Devastating loss for Hungarian opposition

13th April 2018

A high voter turnout was expected to be an advantage for the opposition – but the ruling Fidesz party, with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, won by a landslide. To vote or not to vote. That was the question Hungarian voters had to ask themselves on Sunday when the national elections in the Eastern European Union […]

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Scattered Hungarian Opposition is Optimistic Ahead of Elections

5th April 2018

The divisions between oppositions parties in Hungary will likely to play into a Fidesz victory. But the opposition remains optimistic about their chances.  “I don’t have a clue – just not Fidesz.” The determination in Norbert Huzsti’s eyes is unmistakable. The 24-year old student has a big wish for the Hungarian National elections on Sunday […]

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