Author: Jesper Gynter

Foreigners are welcome in Costa del Sol: Even if they never learn Spanish

25th April 2018

Costa del Sol is a popular place for northern Europeans to enjoy their retirement. And for the Danish pensioners, Club Danés is an attractive place to meet other Danes. But how do the Spanish people feel about the fact that many of the foreign residents never learn Spanish? Photo: Jesper Gynther For the Spaniards in […]

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Euroviews investigates: Are there still any migrants on Mount Gourougou?

16th April 2018

From the highest point of Mount Gourougou, it is easy to spot the destination many migrants in recent years have tried to reach: the Spanish enclave of Melilla. Reporter Javi West (photo) went to the mountain in hope to meet one of the migrants. Photo: Jesper Gynther Euroviews went to Mount Gourougou to see if […]

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The future of Gibraltar is on the line

11th April 2018

While it is still uncertain what affect Brexit will have on the border between the British territory of Gibraltar and Spain, 8,000 commuters continue to cross the border each day to work in the British territory. Photo: Jesper Gynther Euroviews has talked with two Spaniards and a Gibraltarian – who all work in Gibraltar and […]

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