Author: Jordi Wolf

Mitrovica: divided city or city with prospect?

25th April 2018

The Mitrovica rock school wants people to see the city differently from its current image. Photo: rock school Mitrovica is a city in the north of Kosovo that we know mainly because of the division between Albanians and Serbs. People like Lulzim Hoti, Milos Kabasic and Emir Hasani are working on positive projects in the […]

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Kosovo’s security services in transition

19th April 2018

MITROVICA – Less and less foreign soldiers in Kosovo. Photo: Jordi Wolf The power of foreign organizations KFOR (NATO) and EULEX (European Union) is decreasing and the power of the national police is increasing. The country is already setting up its own army but incidents sometimes limit plans for the future.  It is March  26th. […]

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Kosovo gay rights only look good on paper

5th April 2018

The first gay pride parade in Kosovo, 2017. Photo: CEL Even in the most progressive countries, young people struggle with their sexual orientation. When we look at Europe, eastern European countries especially have more problems accepting gay sexuality. `Equal´but invisible It is a sunny day in Pristina. I walk through the streets near the police […]

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