Author: Julia Weinzierler

Harmony between Religions in Ceuta, whilst Separation Remains

25th April 2018

Pilar Garcias’ Christian family joined the wedding to her Muslim husband – while none of his family went to the ceremony. Photo: Julia Weinzierler ‘Convivencia’ is very present in the Spanish enclave Ceuta on African soil – but is this ‘peaceful living together’ between the different religious groups reality or just illusion? When Pilar Garcia […]

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“From exporting wise men to exporting Jihadists” – and back

22nd April 2018

Photo: Julia Weinzierler A big share of foreign fighters left from the Spanish enclave Ceuta on African soil – what made this place so vulnerable for radicalisation besides the recent decrease? One of the most famous descendents from Ceuta, a little Spanish enclave in the North of Africa, is Muhammad al Idrissi. The Muslim geographer, […]

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Comics Against Radicalisation

15th April 2018

Mariam Mohamed, coordinator of the Cultural Centre Al Idrissi in Ceuta, showing the comic students made after a role-play in one of the educational programmes to prevent radicalisation. Photo: Julia Weinzierler Comics made by young students are a new tool in the little Spanish enclave Ceuta in the north of Africa in the fight against […]

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