Author: Madeleine Rojahn

Tackling Educational Segregation of Hungarian Roma children: A Journey with Many Challenges.

25th April 2018

Striding forwards: a small victory shows hope for tackling the discrimination of Roma children in Hungary. Two weeks ago, hope glistened for the future of Roma children as a lawyer fought for their rights in a decade-long court case, in which Church-run schools discriminated against them. When asked what the feeling was before entering the […]

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Doubly vulnerable: Being LGBTI and Seeking Asylum in Hungary.

18th April 2018

Despite constituting a small percentage of asylum seekers, this minority faces a plethora of challenges that threaten their physical and psychological well-being. Ramen left Iran, alone, two years ago. He embarked on a journey to align his physical gender with his psychological one. Ramen was destined for Italy but his fingerprint trapped him in Hungary […]

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Hungarians in Limbo: The Voting Rights of Romanians in Hungary.

6th April 2018

Many Ethnic-Hungarians residing in Romania connect to their homeland through citizenship and voting rights. But how do domestic Hungarians feel about ‘outsiders’ influencing  elections? “Hungarians remain Hungarians. Even living when in Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, and wherever they ended up after the Treaty. It is a community of about five million [alienated Hungarians overall]. Our hearts […]

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