Author: Paula Camara

Fighting against radical Islamic indoctrination in Kosovo

20th April 2018

Kosovo is the country in Europe with highest rate of foreign fighters Photo: Paula Cámara “Kosovo is the first country to export foreign fighters in proportion to its population in Europe and the Official Islamic Community is behind it” explains journalist Visar Duriqi. “Some imams, the main figures of the community, are involved in radical speeches […]

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Sexual war crimes: the memory that keeps haunting Kosovar victims

11th April 2018

Photo: Pixabay Nearly two decades have passed since the war, but thousands of woman are still labelled and isolated. “My cousin was only 17 when she was raped,” says Linda –who’s real name is concealed to protect the identity of her cousin– as she remembers the story that left a mark in her family. “Ten […]

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