Author: Rio Wierl

Fighting for Education – Fighting for the Future

25th April 2018

What is it worth to study when all you can end up with is a job as a waiter or retailer? A question many young Kosovars at the Bedri Gjinaj school have to face. Photo: Flickr When a country’s past endangers the future of its children: Education at stake in Kosovo. It is a warm […]

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Kosovo’s “black gold” –way more than just a hot drink

13th April 2018

Photo: Marion (Rio) Wierl Coffee is a staple within the entire Balkan region, playing an especially important role in everyday Kosovar life. The “outstanding” black gold serves various social demands because “no matter what, coffee is the meeting point.” You want to meet a friend – you go for coffee. You haven’t seen your family […]

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Should I stay or should I go – from my home Kosovo?

3rd April 2018

Prizren, the culture capital of Kosovo – seen from the famous fortress. Photo: Marion (Rio) Wierl Internal problems combined with an upcoming EU granted visa-liberalization; the state of Kosovo now faces an ambitious young generation wishing to leave the country to search for a better future elsewhere. Meeting a friend at “the spot”, where you’ve […]

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